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The Importance of Customer Service

At  KDVA we deliver outstanding customer service.

Not every organisation achieves this…

At KDVA we strive to deliver outstanding customer service. This is achieved by listening to clients, finding out their needs and creating a strategy to deliver this.

A few weeks ago, my family and I were travelling to a party around 150 miles away from where we live. We decided not stay over in a hotel so we could drive home later when the roads would be clear of traffic.

This was not to be!

About 20 miles away from our destination, disaster struck! Our car went into ‘Safe Mode’ and we were limited to 30 miles an hour. We decided to carry on, as we were in the middle of nowhere, to the destination. We finally arrived at 8.30pm, only one and a half hours late, and contacted our breakdown recovery service. They informed us we would be seen in approximately 60 minutes. We joined the party and tried to have a good time knowing the breakdown recovery would arrive soon.

Many hours later…

An hour came and went and despite several phone calls and informing them we had young children with us, they kept saying “just another 30 minutes”. The party finished and we had to vacate the venue at 11pm. The car barely started but we managed to get it to the roadside.

We were eventually seen at midnight and the mechanic said he couldn’t fix it. Luckily we had recovery to home on our policy so they first offered to put the car on a lorry and take us home. Then we were told we could have a courtesy car. We were so relieved as we knew we could now get home. Again we were told a 30 minute wait and after already waiting 4 hours, what was another 30 minutes?

How wrong we were!

At 2.30am they delivered a courtesy car and we began our journey home. We started the engine and there was an empty tank of petrol! We managed to find a local garage where we filled up. Our journey was further hampered by motorway road closures and we finally arrived home at 6.30am.

We were told our car would be delivered home in 3 days time. This should have been Tuesday. By this point, we had lost all faith in the breakdown recovery provider and it finally arrived late Friday afternoon. We called customer services several times over the week and each time they asked us the same questions, none of our previous calls were logged or none of the operators thought to look. At one point they told us to call the recovery company who was handling our car ourselves!

Tired and frustrated!

We were very angry and frustrated about how we had been treated, not only on the night but by the lack of any customer service afterwards. On the night in question, if they had been upfront and honest about how long it would have taken we would have been able to find a hotel or stay with a relative. As they kept saying 30 minutes, we didn’t see the point of settling anywhere to leave straight away.

Then in the aftermath, if they had taken the time to listen and then refer to our call log we would have had a much better service. We now understand that the company who recovered us were a third party. The breakdown provider clearly had major communication issues with this company.

How is KDVA different?

At KDVA, we understand that good customer service is paramount to a successful working relationship. We will strive to communicate with clients in a timely and honest way, detailing exactly what we can provide, how long it will take and work to deadlines. If this cannot be achieved, for any reason, we will be open and discuss this with you.

Let’s start our successful working relationship now. Call me!

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