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Going on holiday? Don’t want, Sun, Sea and…Stress?

You deserve a holiday knowing your business is in good hands. You could take your laptop with you, and miss out on family memories, or, you can sit back and relax knowing everything is being dealt with.

The holiday season is approaching, you really need a break. You want to, and need to spend time with your loved ones or even just on your own! However, you are a business owner and know that without you, you might lose business, when you return there will be mountains of emails to answer, chase suppliers, and the one or two weeks away wasn’t really a break because your stress levels are through the roof trying to deal with everything.

Let’s revisit Fred for a moment and see how he is doing…

Fred’s wife and kids want to go to Spain. They’ve found a villa, with a pool which the kids will love. There’s beautiful scenery, fabulous restaurants and wonderful beaches. Fred’s business is doing really well so they can afford it. His wife works hard in her job too, the kids have worked really hard at school everyone deserves a break but… Fred is worried!

He thinks if he takes his eye off the business he might come home to his business in tatters, a million unread emails, customers who aren’t happy and a huge amount of tasks meaning he has to work even longer hours just to catch up!

Fred thinks…

He remembers the Virtual Assistant he hired to help him during busy times. Fred is now more organised because he is using OneNote to manage his to-do lists. He wonders if they can help?

He contacts the VA and asks the question. Can you look after my business while I go on holiday for two weeks? The VA says YES! Fred is relieved and now looks forward to his holiday. He even asks his VA to research flights, liaise with the villa hire and find things to do in the area of Spain he’s going to!

He arranges the work he would like completing whilst he is away and shares his to-do list with the VA. They agree on a time every couple of days where he will make a quick call just to get an update on how everything is going. He can check his emails briefly but knowing his VA has control of his emails and can monitor the urgent ones, send out holding ones to others and can arrange meetings for Fred when he returns.

Fred is happy!

His family are happy knowing they can spend quality time together. Fred is happy knowing he isn’t coming home to a mountain of work and stress and his VA is happy they can be of service. The VA thinks that they can outsource their work to another VA whilst they go on holiday too!

Fred is excited about his holiday. He can now return to his business refreshed and with renewed energy ready to grow his business further.

Fred is content. Be like Fred!

I recently supported my client, Sheila Smith, whilst she was on holiday. She posted on Facebook about the positive experience. Sheila said “So, while I’ve been travelling this lady has been taking care of my business. She has literally set me free! I could blather on about how genuine, honest and trustworthy she is, and she is….but more importantly, she gets me…and you can put a price on that!” Thank you Sheila for your kind words.

How do you manage your business whilst away on holiday? Could a VA help you? It’s important to take a break from your business every now and again to recharge your batteries.


Kate Denne Administration Services Northampton Kate Denne Administration Services Northampton

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