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Hiring a Virtual Assistant versus an employed member of staff?

Hiring staff can be a lengthy and costly process. Here, I discuss what are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant rather than an employed member of staff.

Many business owners feel overwhelmed with the many roles they have to undertake to effectively run and manage their businesses. Owners need to be proficient in Finance, HR, Marketing and PR, not to mention all the administrative tasks they have to complete to ensure their businesses are successful.

Let’s use Fred as an example of a business owner who is overwhelmed with his admin tasks. Fred never leaves his office. He never spends time with his loved ones and finds he is constantly checking and answering emails.

Fred decides he needs to hire an administrative assistant to help him run his business. He knows he needs help but doesn’t know where to start…

What does Fred do?

Fred decides he would like an experienced administrator and starts researching how much it will cost to employ an assistant on a part time basis. He discovers that employees are entitled to:

  • 28 paid annual leave days each year (including bank holidays)
  • sick pay
  • pension contributions
  • maternity pay, paternity pay and adoption leave
  • NI and Tax contributions

Fred will need to provide his assistant with office equipment and CPD (Continual Professional Development) training should be given in order to retain staff and develop the business. Not to mention the costs for recruiting such an employee and the time it will take to train them…

Fred now feels even more overwhelmed!

I have a solution for Fred; he needs to outsource this area of his business to a self-employed Virtual Assistant. This way he can have the benefits of hiring a professional without the need to provide any employee benefits and the use of a costly recruitment process. A Virtual Assistant can be hired on an ad-hoc or retainer basis depending on the needs of the business.

A Virtual Assistant’s hourly rate is usually higher than a paid Full or Part Time Employee. However, once you add holiday pay, National Insurance, sick pay, then you will find a Virtual Assistant will cost your business significantly less. A VA is also more flexible than an Employee – the Virtual Assistant can do more, or less, work for you depending on your business requirements. This is achieved without the need to pay employee benefits, no need to supply equipment and you only pay for the time you actually use. If your business needs change there are no financial obligations. Increased hours can be negotiated and if you decide you no longer need the assistance there is no redundancy to be paid.

Kate Denne Administration Services Northampton

The true cost of hiring an employee

A Virtual Assistant is a business owner too!

Virtual Assistants will often go above and beyond when undertaking tasks and will, therefore offer businesses more value for money than an employee. Employees may rely on doing the bare minimum as they know they’ll get paid regardless. VA’s are business owners themselves. Which means they understand the pressures and requirements placed on business owners and can add value from that perspective too.

Perhaps you need a Virtual Assistant to actually provide in-house support on occasion, or for a set period of time. If this is the case some Virtual Assistant’s, myself included, will travel to a place of business within a set radius. So choose a local Virtual Assistant if this is a requirement for your business. Most work can be done remotely and with cloud-based servers, sharing files is now easier than ever.

Fred decides he requires 10 hours of administrative support a week. He finds a VA who can support him and his business and now has time to spend elsewhere. Fred is happy!

Be like Fred. Outsource your administrative tasks to KDVA today and be happy too!

Kate Denne Administration Services Northampton

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