Invitation to a Kate Day

What’s in a “Kate Day?”

Why book a “Kate Day?”

Do you ever look around the office and think “I don’t know where to start?”

Are you so in your business that sometimes it’s hard to give yourself the time to sort out the little things?

You’re most definitely not alone!!!

I started the “Kate Day” concept because I wanted to give business owners the option to have someone come in and sort out all of the jobs they don’t have time for at a frequency and time that”s good for them.

A “Kate Day” means that I can come in and sort out your to do list that may be as long as your arm or as big as your office. Those things that you start and never have time to finish; data entry, emails, anything that is really dragging down your vibe!

I can even come along and sort out your filing cabinet or sort through that huge pile of paperwork that you’re just not sure you need. I can be the person who helps you to get organised.

I recently had a client who had a huge carrier bag full of paper work. She didn’t know what  to do with it so I just got stuck in, sorted it out in to categories and guess what? By the end of it, her work load had massively reduced.

Here’s how I would really describe a “Kate Day”…


When those words “I need an admin day” pop into your head and fill you with dread, Kate will come to your rescue. I love an admin day! I love helping people and that feeling that I’ve helped someone get rid of a job they were dreading is amazing.

So book your Kate Day today. Just fill out the following contact form and I’ll be in touch!

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