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Launching into Networking with a Bang!

I find the concept of Networking quite daunting.

Not because I’m not confident but just because I’ve not had that much experience.

When starting KDVA I knew that I would need to promote my services and word of mouth recommendation is key. Networking can help you make contacts in Business however whilst working part time, running KDVA, running a Rainbow unit and being a busy mum it is not always easy to meet up in traditional networking groups.

Whilst business for a VA can, in effect come from anywhere, I wanted to start with the local market. Katie from Monkeytastic had previously told me about #northantshour on Twitter and how it has worked wonders for her business and I was interested in giving it a go.

Northantshour runs on a Thursday between 8-9pm and the added benefit is that I can partake from home or anywhere with an internet connection. It has an overriding account of @northantshour but it is self-policing.

I am very familiar with some social platforms such as Facebook but I’m new to Twitter as a user. Whilst understanding the concept and how it can work for businesses I’d never actually used it before.

Kate Denne Administration Services Northampton

I could have spent a Thursday watching the hour to see how it worked and unfolds, but I decided to go for it!  Sometimes you learn more from just having a go, being proactive and not sitting on the sidelines.



After being introduced at 8pm, Katie held my virtual hand I was off… and what a ride! Talk about jumping in feet first!

Katie had warned me it had been slower in pace in the last few weeks so I thought it would be nice and easy. I found out it was the busiest hour in a few months – nothing like starting gently!

I was amazed at the speed of the session. The other twitter users were so welcoming, saying hi and conversations with others began. It was so engaging although at times I felt I couldn’t keep up. I was so pleased to have taken part and it was great fun though. I especially enjoyed the debate about Revels and it was even better as I had a packet in the cupboard!

I had lots of different conversations which continued after the hour and gained followers to my twitter page and in return I have followed them. I also gained a few LinkedIn contacts. I even met another VA, which was great to meet others in my position. After one week I already feel like I’m making good contacts. Not just for businesses to use my services but it’s allowed me to gain knowledge of other local businesses that I would be happy to support.

Why don’t you join and have fun too. My handle is @kdva_co_uk come and say hi!

Can’t wait for the next one… armed with my trusty bag of Revels, bring it on!

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